Juicy Couture Velour TrackSuits: Question about sizing

  1. I have been collecting Juicy Couture Sweatsuits (more like wearing them out :yes:)

    and i have a black velour track jacket that needs matching pants. My question is the sizing.

    I already have 2 Terrycloth sweatsuits and they were pretty snug compared to Velour (that I already have)

    for example, my white terry pants are a size medium, but my blue sapphire velour pants are a size small. I got the velour pants awhile ago and not sure if the sizing has changed. Especially since velour is known to shrink.

    for you sweatsuit fans, should i get a small or medium in pants?:shrugs:
  2. I have the velour and terry both in the same size. I have noticed that the velour pants seem to run a lot longer in length. It seems like the velour hoodies are just a bit tighter too. It may even vary from season to season. I have a ridiculous amount of juicy sweatsuits. I need another set like I need more handbags! : )
  3. I have tons of Juicy hoodies in both terry and velour and I have found that in teh past several years tey have become pretty inconsistant in size...I'm not sure why maybe has something to do with Liz Claiborne buying Juicy Couture...I would say to try that particular pair on first to get the best fit.