Juicy Couture Velour Track Suit - How to?

  1. Ok, this may seem like a really silly question but I just received this beautiful dark blue Juicy velour track suit. The thing is I don't know how to really wear it. Should I wear it with a tank underneath? and when I do it's always too long and I don't know if it looks right. Also, what kinds of shoes or jewelry can I wear with it?

    If you gals can post some examples of how you rock the Juicy tracksuit for advice and inspiration that would be awesome! This is my first suit and I feel kind of awkward and not sure how to make it work. However I looove the color!

    Thanks! :shame:
  2. Usually I just wear a tank or tee w/mine and pair with sneakers. It would also look cute with ballet flats. Your suit sounds really pretty. I want a new one now!
  3. ^ Can't see it! :sad:

    But I think I know the color..Peck, right?
  4. your welcome. The link isn't working though...is it the one I posted? Do you have the one Vanessa is wearing? I love that color!
  5. nice! It would go good with my blueberry spy, lol
    Looks cute with her boots. I would of never thought to wear it like that. Are those uggs?
  6. I one in Hitch velour, which they consider dark teal, but it's more navy IMO. I wear it with a either a black, white or dark gray tank or tee underneath and black ballet flats, havaianas or puma speedcats....

  7. Yeah, those are the Sundance Uggs...I was thinking about wearing the suit with those but I was not sure if it was too much :confused1: but I like how it looks on her.
  8. I love them without the tank and the top zipped up. Flip flops always look cute with them too...post some pics of yours on you if you can...
  9. Here are some pics of the suit. As you can see I am not wearing any shoes (imagine flip flops) ;) I'm sorry, I know it looks a little dark...you can see why I feel like I have an issue with the long tank. I feel it takes away from the track suit.

  10. Looks cute on you! I'd tuck in the tank or get a shorter one though.
  11. I love these tracksuits with a tank or short tee and super cute jewelry and flip flops or fun sneakers, depending on weather. I tend to mismatch...I have chocolate brown bottoms and a white short sleeved hoodie that are super cute together!

    As long as the top isn't too long and is close fitting it should work great! Enjoy!
  12. Looks cute on you, I agree with latest, get a shorter tank if possible.