Juicy Couture Velour Pants

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  1. does anyone have them? love them? hate them? how do they fit?

    nordstrom.com has some on deep discount, but i can't decide if i want to buy them because i've never seen them IRL. but they look sooooo comfy and i live in lounge pants most of the time. it would be nice to be semi stylish around the house. hubby has been teasing me lately about all my grungy stuff. :smile:
  2. heheh. nevermind. waited too long and they sold out.
  3. I love them! They are so comfortable.
  4. My daughter (12 years old) LOVES all things Juicy! She has the velour set in pink. The pants have square pockets on the back. You know the ones....anyway....she loves them! Especially for lounging around the house! They fit rather low on her hips (not too low, of course) and look cute with a white wife-beater. I don't have the velour ones but I do have the terry sets and find them to be very comfortable as well.
  5. I love Juicy Couture sweats. They are very comfortable!!
  6. Totally comfortable; that's all I wear around the house. The're very comfortable to travel in. Shopbop has some on sale too.
  7. super comfy! the only problem is that they're too long for my super short legs! i'm only 5'4'' :sad:
  8. I love them too! Though I'm more into Primp at the moment, I love Juicys too. I use them as pajama bottoms and wear the jackets out. :heart:
  9. I luurrvee them! Can't live without them.
  10. How has Juicy been the only designer to figure out how to make your ass look perfect in velour sweats?
  11. I have one pair, and I only wear them around the house. They are super comfy.
  12. That's all I wore when I was pregnant was Juicy sweats.
  13. I have the juicy cargo velour in petrol. They are sooo comfy and make your bum look really small! I wear them outside rather than at home home though.