Juicy Couture tracksuit

  1. I am looking to purchase a Juicy Couture tracksuit, (the hoodie and sweats) from the Internet but I do not know what type is better for me. (Terry? or Velour? or Fleece?) Since no stores around me sell Juicy, I will have to buy it from the Internet so I can't try it on. I'm very short, small-waisted, and tiny. Which fabric is softer??? Or which tracksuit would work best for my height and body type??? Thanks.
  2. I love the track suits, so comfortable! I usually just were it when I'm running my errands Volour is the softest one out of the 3. I'm also tiny, I'm 4'11 and I weigh 94 lbs, I had 2 get my pants hemmed though.
  3. Velour is the softest.
    Terry is the most form-fitting.
    Fleece is just...fleece. LOL

    If you're tiny, I'd say that Terry works the best in terms of fit, but velour should work too. Just get a P
  4. i'm tiny too. 5'1" and 98 lbs. i love how the velour fits my body well. the terry and fleece are comfy. definitely get the petite. the sizing for juicy (w/ the all pink tags) seems like they got bigger. the size 0 for some items (i.e. tops) seem bigger than usual.
  5. I actually prefer wearing the terry fabric, but since fall is around the corner you'd probably be better off getting velour. Definitely get size P and prepare to have the pants hemmed. Fleece is my least favorite fabric out of the three; it's not nearly as cozy or plush as the velour or terry. For reference, I'm 5' and 98 lbs.

    Since you're buying from the internet, I'd recommend buying from Revolve Clothing; super fast and free shipping, great selection, and free RETURN shipping so you can send back anything that you don't like/want without forking out money.

    Have fun shopping for Juicy! Wish I could do the same, but alas, I'm on a shopping ban :p.
  6. I have all 3 styles and like the terry suits best.
  7. I love juicy tracksuits. I prefer the velour for winter and terry for spring/summer. Get the velour, super soft and comfy. :smile:
  8. I'm tiny - 5'2, 100 lbs - I like the velour. I have 3 pairs of the velour tracksuit bottoms for winter wear. I'd advise you to go XS though. I went with just small because I weighed a bit more when I bought them, and they are definitely baggy, and worn just around the house or on off days. Kinda expensive for lounge wear, actually :hrmm:
  9. The velour is so rich looking for fall and winter. I live in CA and wear the bottoms year round at home. They look so cut with a tank, although I am not short at 5'6'' the small fit perfect in length. The tops run small, I have to get a large as I find the arms run tight at the top. Be careful if you buy on e-bay as most Juicy is fake!
  10. I prefer the velour. I'm pretty small and find the sizes run small. I'm 5'0", 105 lbs, big butt. I cannot wear the petite pants without making my behind look huge. So if you have a booty, size up. I actually have one pair of pants (the velour with the pockets) that are a large.
  11. I don't really see the point to the terry. It's just not as comfortable as the velour. I guess it's a better summer material because of the weight, and the velour is warmer for winter. Really it's a matter of personal preference in these things.
  12. I like the velour the best.
  13. I have every track suit in every color and rotate them on Fridays to wear to work. Terry runs the smallest....veleour washes the best...the polyester type doesn't feel that great if you sweat. I have so many I invested in my own sewing machine to hem the bottoms myself.
  14. @zophie! I'm so jealous of your "junk in da trunk"! It's true Juicy tracksuits do look good with some junk back there!
  15. I like the velour too. I'm not super-tiny but I'm small on the bottom and I can fit into a small, so you would definitely need a petite. Also, I prefer the ones with cargo-style pockets on the butt so they add a bit of curvaciousness! GL!