juicy couture trackies

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  1. how is heather fleece material compared to velour for the trackies? and how is terry? which is the best ? i have one velour track set and the velour is not available in my size online so was wondering if i should try the others????:confused1:
  2. Terry is rougher than velour, I find it uniquely summery. Fleece are like sweatpants, soft on the inside and woven on the outside-they are the warmest of the three.
  3. i like velour, then terry, then fleece. seems like most of the deals i find are on terry though.
  4. terry cloth is the same cloth to towels (think beach towel)

    velour is very soft, I have a couple tracksuits and I love wearing them in the fall and winter.

    Fleece seems pretty thick for me. I would recommend fleece and velour for fall and winter and terry for summer and spring
  5. i also think that fleece tends to sag with wear =\