Juicy Couture Stores Not Stocked Well......

  1. I went to all 3 when I was in NYC and found more inventory and better selections at Bloomingdales! Sure the stores were cute but what I found at Bloomies was far superior.
  2. We don't have JC boutiques in Washington so I have to buy it from Nordstrom. Luckily, most of the cute stuff gets put at the Nordstrom here. It is the flagship store afterall. I've seen Juicy stuff at Saks but all the size smalls are always taken. At least I'm not missing out on the boutiques.
  3. In San Francisco, we have 2 stores a few blocks from eachother with macys, saks, Neimans, bloomies and barneys (coming soon) that sell juicy and I noticed they arent stocked aswell as the dept stores. Although, our JC store has a high end couture floor...$1,000+ dresses, furs in the thousands etc. its interesting!
  4. The Scottsdale Juicy boutique is usually pretty well stocked.

    However, Neimans and Nordstroms usually have a decent selection as well.
  5. Yeah, I wasn't too impressed when I went to JC store in Vegas. I always order JC clothes online instead.