Juicy Couture Spa Tote $475 Yay or Nay?

  1. I'm thinking of getting this for my 18 year old daughter for Christmas. She likes the terry bags but I'd feel better spending hundreds on leather instead. Honest opinions ladies...
    P.S. I missed you all terribly when the site was down!
    Juicy Couture Spa Tote, Chocolate.jpg Juicy Couture Spa Tote, Black.jpg
  2. I have some leather bags but not all my bags are made of all leather. I found that some Juicy bags are cute but I think this style is a bit older for a 18 years old girl. I don't know it is just my own personal opinion.
  3. I'm sorry...I don't like it much.
  4. The chocolate one is nice, but I have to agree with Vicky2007 and say that I think the style is a bit too old for an eighteen year old. Maybe something a bit more snazzy and hip like this?



    I know you don't want to get her a fabric bag, but Revolve has a lot of reasonably-priced velour bags with enough discount codes floating around to sweeten the deal:

  5. Nay!!
  6. How's the terry look like? I have no any details of Juicy bag. Maybe if I see the bag she wants at first, I might be able to help. I'm also searching a bag for my little sis too. She's 20 years old.
  7. Not a fan. Sorry. :sad:
  8. It's a cute bag, but I agree it seems a little "old" for an 18 year old (especially if she's into the terry bags) and I wouldn't pay that much for it. Just my $.02
  9. Sorry tonij, I give it a :tdown: For tat much $ you could get her something like a Tokidoki + a bunch of other stuff. Kids' (in my book she's still a kid!) taste change so quickly. Has she indicated that this is the style she wants?
  10. mm i have to say nay as well it seems a little too mature for an 18 year old.
    there are other really cute juicy bags out there though
  11. I agree with the others. And I love the bag Lithium Pearl posted.

    Is there any possibility of getting her a gift certificate? Whenever my mom bought me a pricey purse or item of clothing it usually underscored the vast distance between our tastes.
  12. Hmmm I love this bag. I love juicy though. I am 18 and I don't think its too mature. However The terry fluffy is 185 and can be found onsale usually.
  13. I think it looks good, but don't know much about the quality of Juicy bags. It's really big bag, too. If she likes the terry and you want to upgrade to leather, why don't you compromise and get her a leather one shaped like the terry bags?

    This one is cute!

    Age is just a number. Get her something you think best fits her personality and style!
  14. Get her the velour daydreamer. Good for anything and best, she likes it. Get her something that she likes, rather than what is good for her cause I'd bet she'd be more happy and surprised. The quality of the juicy velour isn't bad at all!
  15. The quality of Juicy bags are not commendable IMO. I have many friends who own terry, velour, and leather Juicy bags. They are all in pretty bad condition! And they don't use them daily either.