Juicy Couture sizing

  1. Hi!

    I normally don't buy Juicy stuff but I saw this super cute swim suit and the size is XS...:push: I do fit some XS stuff, but mostly wear size S. I am size 4-6 (my prom dress size was 8...but the owner said I should've ordered 6 since I lost so much weight after I ordered my dress) 35-28-35...think I'll fit into an XS swimsuit (it's a tankini...with ruffles :biggrin:) or should I look for size S??

  2. Sounds super cute! I haven't tried Juicy swimwear, but their clothing does run pretty small. I have had to go up at least one size for a snug fit and two sizes for a looser fit in their track suits and tops.
  3. Hi Karman, I would go with the Small. Juicy's Petite (XS) is like size 0-2.
  4. Go with small. Juicy petite is really tiny.
  5. Thanks for all the input!
  6. I ended up getting this swimsuit:


    I wanted the pink one, but that was the XS one and I do have a hot pink bikini already so blue would be good for a change!
  7. I am a size 4-6 and I wear Juicy small on bottom. I think the xs will be too small. On top as far as clothes, I take a medium in the juicy. XS is very petite in juicy.
  8. That's really cute. I love it Karman!
  9. cute!! congrats! i love the blue!!
  10. I find Juicy comes up small, I can fit into P tops and am a British 8-10 on my top half but even a M is fitted on me, I think their sizing is very small!
  11. I'd rather have a too small swimsuit than a too big one because they stretch when you get in the water. If it's a touch small when it's dry it'll fit perfectly when it's wet. You won't have a problem with worrying about the bottoms when you dive, having to adjust the top constantly so your boobs aren't out, and your bottoms won't get all loose and wrinkly.
  12. I would go with the S also..