Juicy Couture sizing question

  1. Has anyone ever purchased anything from Juicy Couture in numerical sizing, versus the lettering? I was wondering what the sizing was like - whether a "2" is really a size 2? I don't really trust their sizing guide, and haven't been able to find something in the numerical sizing locally to try on. I'm interested in ordering a top online, but it's done numerically, and I would hate to order the wrong size. Any advice would be appreciated!

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. The only thing I can think of having bought that wasn't a S/M/L type size was jeans. I think they ran pretty true to size but I could be wrong because jeans can be sized so different by brand. I know their other stuff usually runs a little small though. Where are you trying to order from?
  3. ^From their website, which interestingly enough, is "powered" by Neiman Marcus. I know that in clothing other than their tracksuits (and tracksuits I've purchased one size up), I've worn either P or S. So, I'm thinking I should order a size 2 for the top that I'm interested in. But, if anyone else has any insights, that would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. My one and only Juicy Couture item is a pair of white bermuda shorts from last summer and I went up one size in them (I'm a 2 in most stuff but needed a 4 in the shorts). If in doubt, I'd probably go up in size.
  5. depends if you want the clothing to be snug or a little bigger. i can fit into a P but also a S if i want an item in a looser.