Juicy Couture site sale

  1. i wish they had their own site.

    i had a horrible experience with NM once and try to shop them as little as possible (i do cave sometimes), but i buy a lot of juicy clothing and would love them to have a site of their own.
  2. For some reason, I like their apparel a LOT more than their bags and shoes.
  3. Ditto. For anyone who has a guy to shop for, there is a lot to choose from on the men's sale page...
  4. if anyone likes their clothing selection head over to your local bloomies, i was there yesterday and got an oh so juicy t-shirt for 34$+ an add'l 20% off...

    i'm not impressed w/their bag collection so i didn't bother looking
  5. Does anyone know the free shipping code?
  6. Thanks for the post!
  7. I guess you can either order it from NM's website or BG one...therefore you will have free shipping tho.:smile:
  8. yes, thanks for the post.
  9. For those who prefer Juicy apparel over bags, there are a lot more tracksuits available, and generally for cheaper, if you shop using Neiman Marcus directly as opposed to "Juicy Couture" (which is actually just powered by Neiman Marcus).


    However, the "Juicy Couture" sales link has some items that Neiman Marcus does not. They're probably over at Bergdorf Goodman :p.
  10. you can use the code WELCOME for free shipping, i just used it and it worked for me but its my first time buying through the site and i think its just for 1st time customers but who knows give it a try and it might just work!