Juicy Couture Silver & Gold Plated Jewlery Rub Off?


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Oct 3, 2008
Last time I posted I got it in the wrong category, thanks for telling me guys :smile:! So I am praying I got it right this time. Okay, so someone posted about Juicy Couture charms & I thought they were darling. But everytime I am close to buying some I allways chicken out because I am scarred of "Gold Plated".... "Silver Plated".... etc. I have heard people say some of their experiances with Juicy Jewelry has been not so good. Since you guys are really good I just want to know if you have had any problems with any rubbing off? How often do you use yours? I am not sure if the reason why they had some crumby experiance is because they wore theirs too much or what. So just tell me what you think on Juicy Gold/Silver Plated Jewelry. Thank you!


Aug 2, 2008
If you wear it a lot, you'll get some dulling/rubbing off of the plate. I've heard from a friend that as long as you keep the original box with sticker on the bottom you can always take it back to the store and they'll exchange/replace. She's done this for years with her Juicy.