Juicy Couture shoes

  1. I just came back from a trip at South Coast Plaza. I grabbed myself these super cute couture shoes. They look just like Vans and just as comfy. I got them at a pretty good deal. 40 for these when they were originally 75. I couldn't resist. I was also going to grab the Burberry ones which are similiar in style, but they weren't comfortable at all, so I had to pass. They had lots of cute shoes on clearance. They had like 5 huge racks full of shoes. Saw some super cute MJ pumps that were smoking hot. But I'm not much of a heels girl.
    IMG_1767.jpg IMG_1769.jpg
  2. great shoes.. I am also planning to buy this one but can't decide for the color-there is also denim with black writings on it..how is the sizing goes? I have juicy couture flats-sometimes sneaker sizes goes up-so how is the size thing for you on this one?
  3. These ran like half a size smaller. I got these in 8, normally I'm an 8.5 in sneakers. Not too far off the true size though.
  4. thanks :smile:
  5. Those are really cute! I ordered them from Bloomies awhile ago, but my order got cancelled :crybaby: