Juicy Couture Shoes?

  1. Lately I have been noticing that Juicy Couture has some cute flats and sandals. Does anyone have Juicy shoes? If so, how do they fit? Are they comfortable? Thanks for the help!
  2. i have a pair of juicy flats. they run a little small, kinda wish i'd sized up one size. i love the look though, very cute!
  3. I got a pair of the espadrilles and they were true to size.
  4. I tried on a pair once, but they were really uncomfortable... they seemed to run true to size though. Some of the newer ones look really nice.
  5. ohh i saw these really nice Juicy flats at the mall the other day. Too bad i was beyond broke. I'd purchased a Juicy pet Carrier and Dior bag that day already haha
  6. my mom has a pair of Juicy clogs and she says they are comfortable
  7. Thanks for the responses. Some of the flats have driving moc type bottoms, so they look really comfy. It's always nice to have cute and comfy shoes!
  8. I have a pair of boots. They're comfortable.
  9. I wonder if it was just the canvas and eyelet ones I tried on that were uncomfortable...
  10. ^Sometimes fabric shoes just aren't as comfortable as leather or suede, at least to me. Maybe that's why?
  11. I've tried on a pair of their ballet flats before and I found them very uncomfortable!!

    But I have slightly wide feet too so that could be it LOL!
  12. i've tried these on when i was getting the revas, and they are SO COMFY! i didn't get them, but i really want the ivory. they're on sale on Neimans.com right now...not super cheap, but not retail.

  13. I have 6 pairs of Juicy shoes. All types. My one bit of advice for you..size up! They run small. I am a size 8 and have to order 9s in Juicy shoes.
  14. i have a pair of juicy boots, and love them
  15. I want to buy juicy sneakers..I have flat ballet juicy shoes my size is 8.5..for sneakers should I order the same size or go half size up??