Juicy Couture Shoes?

  1. I just bought a pair of the Juicy Couture Black/White Crystal thong wedges and LOVE them to pieces. However, when I tried them on today, they just seem like maybe I could have sized up a bit. I mean...my foot is not hanging off or anything, but it is almost like they are too close to call. I ordered them from Nordy's and have the receipts and everything, but my question is...how big of a difference are the sizes? I have an 8 and that is what I normally wear in shoes, but they do not have half sizes on these shoes, so will a 9 look way too big? this is my first pair of Juicy shoes, so I am not familiar with their sizing yet, but I am just scared to send them back to Nordy's and have a pair that are too big. Is there a huge diff between one size to the next? Do you order up in size on these? What about their flats and such? Thanks so much for any help you can give me!! :heart:
  2. I always get a nine in their flip flops i'm really like a 8/8.5