juicy couture shoe sizing

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  1. i've never had juicy couture shoes save for some flip-flops i owned years and years ago (2000? :nuts:). how do their shoes run now? i wear a 7/7.5 in TB, a 36.5/37 in lanvin, 38 in CL...should i just go with a plain ol' 7?

    btw, they're wedges if that makes a difference.
  2. I feel like their shoes run true to size. I am normally a 10 and have a pair of flats in a 10.
  3. I wear a 7 or 8 depending on brand and I wear a 7 in all the Juicy shoes I have.
  4. They run big. I'm normally a 9.5, but I'm a 9 in Juicy's.
  5. ^^^
    yikes. the color i want is sold out in the 7, they only have the 7.5 which may be too big. i'll have to look on another site (pity because they're on sale at shopbop). thanks, ladies!
  6. Wanted to :bump: this thread rather than start on my own...

    I'm interested in a pair of Juicy Couture sneakers. There's 7.5 & 8. I'm an 8 (women's sizing) in Converse if that helps any... should I go with 7.5 or 8?