Juicy Couture Sample

  1. Hi, I am just going though eBay and see that people are listing small samples of Juicy couture perfume for 5-10$. Is it hard to get a Juicy Sample so people are willing to pay that much for them? Or is it just for people to get small like travel sizes? But then again why wouldnt you just go to the store yourself rather than pay....:shrugs:
  2. I don't know if people are buying those samples on eBay, but I know my stores never have them. I've asked several times, and they always point to the bottles they keep there to sample, but I like to take samples home and try them individually to see what scent I like best. Because of that, I don't know which of the scents I'd like better (one seems too sweet), so I don't have any Juicy Couture perfume to date.
  3. I stupidly purchased two samples of Lovestruck on ebay and wasted $20 when I could have just asked for a sample of it at Sephora. If you live near a Sephora store, go ask for samples of Juicy Couture perfumes! I once asked for three different perfumes and the SA was so nice and gave me no death glares as well :biggrin:
  4. You're allowed to get up to 3 samples at sephora and they're usually really nice about it too :smile: What did they put the perfume in? Do they put it in a vial or in the same sample containers they put cream/lip gloss in?
  5. They put it in vials that you can spray with. I've tried to attach pictures that I took, but for some reason I can't.. But they squirt the perfume into the little cylinder container, cap it, and then put it in a ziploc bag and label it for you.
  6. For a while Macy's had little bottles free with purchase with a charm clasp on the top, maybe that's what they are auctioning? I always end up with tons of regular samples on the cards from Sephora and Saks's, etc.. but I could see why a charmie might want a "charm" sample.
  7. Hi,

    No it is not even that! I mean just small small vials that come in a paper card!!

  8. I think it's one of those things where sellers on eBay sell gift wrap that came with the bag and stuff like that. Some sales associate will fill an empty vial if they're out of the boxed/packaged samples.
  9. Yeah it is a little odd. Anyway to make a quick buck I guess...
  10. I've sold perfume sample (lots, not singles) on ebay. They are popular for several types of gals:
    1) Those who live far from stores that offer samples
    2) Those who travel and can't take a full bottle on a plane
    3) Those who want something that's discontinued

    A lot of stores around here don't give out samples unless you buy something. The exception is Nordie's which I happen to have one close, thank heaven.

    I was seasonal in fragrances at Macy's 2 Christmases ago and have forgotten a lot:balloon:
    JC scents are always there for sale, but unless the JC reps are there, no samples of the JC stuff can be found. There are really only few main companies that sell scent, I was surprised to learn. For example Aramis covers all the Estee Lauder line, Coach, Donna Karan, yadda yadda. Elizabeth Arden is the parent company for JC.

    Anyway...my point being, not everyone has access to free perfume samples.

    And yeah, you really gotta watch those eBay descriptions. I've read some hilarious feedback from sellers who don't list properly - they won't be around long if they keep up the deception of showing a photo of a full bottle and sending a sample card!

    That link to the seller looks like a clear listing. Given it has shipping included, $5 isn't a big price gouge. Postage is a minimum of $1.65, padded envelopes & labels cost something, ebay & PayPal take about 80 cents in fees...they can't be making more than $2 on it and that's only if they get the samples free and buy padded envelopes & labels/ink in bulk. Kind of a lot of work for $2. Most of that $5 is going towards the shipping & handling.