Juicy Couture Sales

  1. Hi all - I'm trying to find out about who sells authentic jc online.

    There are a few places that have sales but most mainstream stores (Nordies, nm, netaporter) dont have any size smalls left.

    I have found a few websites with jc on sale and wondered if you had experience with them or could weigh in on authenticity?


  2. i buy juicy from adasa.com
  3. yes that site is legit, i bought really nice James jeans from them a year ago for like 40 bucks. they have really sweet deals. it's just like adasa, it has a physical boutique in hawaii.
  4. neimenmarcus...and they had a LOT of juicy on sale earlier this morning...Shopbop.com has some stuff on sale too :smile:
  5. I've also bought quite a few Juicy items from here. Also, try Neiman's and Sak's.
  6. I've bought JC items on sale on elux too.
  7. I have gotten some good deals from Neiman Marcus and Shop Bop. You just have to check back often. Bloomingdales also sometimes has good sales online as does Nordstroms.
  8. i think the new markdowns are already up!

    happy shopping, girls!
  9. If anyone sees a blue juicy couture diaper bag... PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

    The quilted one.

    Oh and bloomies has all their terry cloth bags at 30% off

  10. rafael is definitely legit. I have purchased quite a few juicy pieces from them.

    I also purchase quite often from adasa
  11. Rafael Hawaii is definitely legit, but both times I ordered they shipped the wrong items. The first time it was the size and the second it was the color. They were excellent about correcting things though and overnighted me the correct items. Then they sent me a free little Juicy terrycloth cosmetics case and gave me an additional discount off my next purchase. I never ordered again though just because it was more of a hassle than a deal. I would still recommend them I guess because their stuff is legit and they have excellent customer service.

    Now I stick with sales on NM, BG, Saks and Nordstrom. You can get pieces for as little as $28 when they're on clearance. I build sets that way.