Juicy Couture @ Ruelala!

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  1. Ordered a shirt for my doggie! They also had a track suit that i paid 65, for 25!!!
  2. i bought one of the black juicy couture bling ring baby fluffys! im surprised theres still some left!
  3. Got a day dreamer for my younger sister.
  4. MODS, I have a question. If users post their email, can I send them an invitation to ruelala? or would they have to pm me? can I do it at all? they offer credit for those who invite others...so I'm jw...thanks!
  5. You cant really offer to invite people. This is looked upon as breaking the rules... people have managed PMing each other ;)
  6. Well it's against the rules of the site but if could people PM and then I gave them my email and that way it's not done ON the site per se.
  7. as per our PM no, no one may do this in PM. If we don't allow it on the boards, we don't allow it via PM:nogood:
    It's bannable . . sooo not worth it.
  8. i didn't score anything great @ the juicy sale, wish they had women's tracksuit :smile:
  9. I didn't really see anything that I wanted, I was hoping they would had women's tracksuits as well.
  10. I got a the gray bowler. I logged on right away because I knew they would sell out.
  11. what were the prices like? thanks
  12. hmmm...the deals weren't THAT good...the best deals were on the dog clothes...you could get something that was 60 dollars for like 20. There was no women's clothing. Most handbags were over 100 but they had $200 bags and velour totes for $80...and the sunglasses were like 90...they have really cute baby clothes for cheap also
  13. I though the prices were ok, I honestly think I was the first one to log on but, just contained my self from hittin "Place your order" The large pink fluffy bag sold out in a matter of minutes! We shall see at the next Juicy Sale!
  14. the black baby fluffy was only $100!!!!!! ahhh I missed out!!