Juicy Couture Ruby Tuesday Leather Hobo-need some advice!!!

  1. Hi - Need some opinion and feedback regarding the Juicy Couture Ruby Tuesday Leather Hobo. I've been looking for a new bag that's versatile and something I can use on a daily basis for the winter season....

    Here is a link of the purse....

    eLUXURY - Juicy Couture - Classic Leather Ruby Tuesday with Key Charm juicy

    I LOVE Juicy clothes, but have never purchased a Juicy handbag. I LOVE Isabella Fiore handbangs, but think it's time to branch out.

    If not Juicy, any other recommendations...I've also been looking at the Chanel Reporter (but need something larger).:shrugs:
  2. It's very nice..I like it..GOOD LUCK :smile:
  3. I saw Ruby Tuesday at Saks last weekend. Great size and definitely very versatile!
  4. very cute bag... go for it!
  5. I can't speak to their leather bags, but I have one of the Juicy velour bowling satchels, and it has held up well. I love the way that this particular bag looks, though.
  6. I really like that bag, size looks great, go for it!!
  7. WOW! I love it :yahoo::love: Go for it!!! Get it! :nuts:
  8. I like it too! Definitely go for it!
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