Juicy Couture Rabbit Fur Reversible Hoodie

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  1. I know this is an older piece from a few seasons ago but I was wondering if anyone has this jacket and has some pics or could take some pics of theirs upclose?

    (hoping to buy it and not end up with a fake on eBay LOL)

    -Juicy Couture tag (like is this located on the fur or inside a front pocket...all my other Juicy Couture hoodies from Saks, NM, etc have the tags sewn on the back inside of the jacket but i understand since this is lined in fur maybe they didnt sew the tag on the fur and its supposed to be reversible?)

    -a pic upclose of the "J" zipper pull

    -are there 4 small grommet like holes on each underarm area of the hoodie too?

    This is the hoodie I am talking about =)


    Here it is on Mira but hers may be the cashmere one whereas I wanted the fleece one...like the 1st pic =)

    Thanks =)
  2. I didn't realize there was a Juicy sub-forum...

    I was curious if any girls here have the reversible fur hoodie in fleece from a few seasons back...

    came in black, brown, grey with fur lining along the hood and body area (not sleeves)???

    I searched and didn't see any pics or threads about it in here...



    This is the one I am talking about...would like to get some info about it from the girls who own one...since theres so many fakes out there!!

    (mods, please delete one of these threads since it may be a duplicate!! sorry i didnt even know about the juicy forum)
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    I have one, I also have one in cream color with dyed cream fur xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
  4. ooh love Mira's, lol! wish I could find one of those too :yes:
    sorry, I am no help but good luck!!!
  5. I searched online for this one recently!! The ones sold on eBay like http://cgi.ebay.ca/JUICY-COUTURE-REVERSIBLE-RABBIT-FUR-JACKET-GREY-SIZE-P_W0QQitemZ120525274087QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_CSA_WC_Blazers_Tailored_Jackets?hash=item1c0fddbbe7
    is not real after reading the following thread: http://www.honestforum.com/more-designer-jeans-brands/76400-how-do-you-tell-if-juicy-couture-rabbit-fur-hoodies-fake.html

    I'd love to buy one of the real ones in cashmere =( but I can't find one online.
    Plz PM me if you find one!
  6. I have an all black Juicy Couture rabbit fleece hoodie from 2006 that I purchased from Saks - would that be too old to compare? I'm not sure what year the hoodie that you posted is from (it's super cute though).

    I'm out of town right now, but I will take a look at my hoodie tomorrow when I get back and get some comparisions for ya. :smile:
  7. yahhh she reminded me how i never got this back in the day LOL

    really??? the seller of the one you linked to has amazing feedback AND the item looks pretty real...what makes you think it is fake?

    (i dunno the seller or much but i had been reading up and atleast she seemed to use her own pics and the fur is meant to look like that inside right?)

    ohhh no...these are all from 2005 or 2006 era i think...would love to hear back from you on the comparison!! thanks!!!
  8. do you have pics of yours???

    and btw...could you tell me where the juicy couture pink tag and the fabric tags are located and if yours has 4 little tiny grommet like holes under each arm area of the jacket?

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    According to the fake/real discussion thread I mentioned earlier, the furs on eBay ones end farther away from the zippers and hood rims. MAYBE juicy produced hoodies like the eBay ones but I don't know.. I just decided to wait until Juicy makes more of these..

    Besides, the fur colors of the eBay ones are either grey or grey-brown, whereas the ones in the pics you posted are brown.
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  11. i have one calisnoopy! i have a brown one! lemme go take pics.


    ohman.. i didn't realize you posted this last year! well i hope my pictures help.

    mine's a M brown that i bought online off either saks or neimans.. i think.. it's been so long that i don't remember. it was on super sale if i remember correctly, under or about $100.