Juicy Couture: Probably the best deal ever!


Aug 21, 2011
So, I was at Nordstrom Rack, happily flipping through the clothes, hoping there was something good that day. Nope, nothing in the clearance section. Nope, not in the purse area. So, I decided to go to the Juicy Couture area, even though I knew I couldn't afford anything.

Me: *sigh* That's pretty, but expensive... (flipping through clothes) Oh, that's cute... (flipping still) Oh, that's nice... wait a minute, the tag is red!

I look at the tag. The original price of the jacket was $128. It was then $50. When I looked at it, it was on clearance for only $30.

Me: Oh, $30. Okay, I guess that's a good deal.

I walk up to the register, all happy. The cashier grabbed the jacket, scanned it, and looked confused. She tried again, looking confused.

Cashier: Well, it's cheaper than I thought. Your total is $10 something. (Forgot the exact amount.)


I look at the little screen, and yup, my total was $10 something. I fished out the money a excited and happy. After, I peeked at the rack again, wondering if there were other clearance Juicy jackets, but there were none. When I got in the car, I checked the receipt. Yup, $9.99 on a Juicy
Hoodie. Now, I buy a ton of my Juicy stuff at Nordstrom Rack. I talked to my mom, and she said it's $20 at the thrift store, and they're all dirty and ugly. We actually went to Marshall's another day and a clearance Juicy Hoodie was $45! I think I got the best deal ever.

Nordstrom rack prices:
Juicy Hoodie-
Original Price- $128
NR Price- $50
Clearance Price- $30
What I paid- $10 :smile: