Juicy Couture Princess Quilted Bag

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  1. I saw this bag in the new ELLE Accessories magazine and fell in :love: . The lambskin leather looks really soft in pics and it looks gorgeous in white. From the dimensions on the Neiman Marcus website it is quite big (16" x 9") and the price ($425 US) is not bad. Kinda reminds me of a mix between the new Isabella Fiore and MJ bags.

    Has anybody seen this in real life? Thoughts, Opinions?
  2. :love:

    I love the quilted look to death! Very pretty.
  3. Forgot to mention that there is also a Quilted Bowler and Quilted Wristlet. If only the wristlet was a pochette, that would be the perfect size. :nuts:
    juicy2.jpg juicy3.jpg
  4. Cute.
  5. Agreed. Cute.
  6. I like the wristlet. It would be way cute for going out.
  7. Its too Chanel inspired for me.......Juicy usually comes out with really unique pieces this time IMO was a miss. I see pieces of Marc jacobs, Chanel, and Gucci in these 2 purses. maybe i'm looking too hard lol.
  8. I love these bags! Yes, they do kind of remind me of Chanel and Marc, but they're still really cute in my opinion.
  9. VERY CUTE and reasonably priced! Love the white of course! :love:
  10. Oh, I think they are adorable. This could possibly be one of my purchases in the future. I especially like the white one.
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