Juicy Couture Perfume

  1. I was just at King of Prussia mall in PA and while I was passing by Bloomingdales, there was a rotator giving out samples for the new juicy couture perfume. I got a little sample size vial and I LOVE IT!!! I think I'm going to go back tomorrow and get a bottle for myself since I LOVE perfumes and this one is TDF! If you love juicy couture you should check it out!
  2. awsome...I love juicy thanks for sharing!
  3. Wow Sunny, we are on the same wavelength today. I just started another thread on perfume and then I saw this one.

    What are the notes of this scent?
  4. It's just the 300$ bottle that has the necklace, correct?
  5. 300 for juicy perfume?
  6. :wtf: it costs that much?!
  7. Is it available onn Saks.com or other website that are selling the new Juicy Couture perfume? What's the smell like?
  8. Is it available onn Saks.com or other website that are selling the new Juicy Couture perfume? What's the smell like?
  9. They just launched it I think this weekend so I haven't seen it on the website. It's got a sweet/floral scent not too heavy, not too light. The rotator took me to the counter and they had 1.7oz and 3.4. I think he said they were $65 for the small one and $85 for the large one.
  10. If anyone remembers what Casual from Liz claiborne smells like, it's very similar.

  11. I wouldnt be suprised if it "Casual" by Liz Claiborne. Liz Claiborne owns Juicy Couture. My dad says its common in the cosmetic business if a certian lip color or perfum doesnt do well they just change the name of it,and it does better.
  12. checked the prices on bloomingdales.com--$65 for EDP 1.7, $85 for EDP 3.4, $55 for body creme 6.0, $300 for perfume 1.0 with locket

    "The fragrance is a lush mix of watermelon, mandarin, passion fruit, apple, tuberose, caramel crème brulee with woods and patchouli." sounds yummy!
  13. I LOVE my Juicy perfume. It's only available at Bloomingdale's from the release date (early August) and the next three months. Then they'll release it to other department stores. Every Bloomie's had 24 bottles for 3.4 oz EDP that were signed by Pam and Gela, and I got one of them! AND I got a ton of little samples from my SA that I carry in my purse/wristlet/wapity... very convenient.
  14. I have to get mine from the site since my Bloomies doesn't open until the end of the year :sad:
    I really want to smell it..it sounds really good.
  15. Jadore, what you are saying makes sense. I used to own a bottle of Casual probably around 8 years ago and I loved it. I was telling my friend yesterday that it reminded me of Casual when I first smelled Juicy Couture. This is totally out of the topic but do you work for LV?