Juicy Couture...overall...TACKY or Trendy???

  1. Do you think Juicy Couture stuff (NOT just the velour items) are tacky or trendy??

    I know the ULTRA popular days are gone. But they still linger around... and still sold at Neiman Marcus, and such.

    Still considered as a mid-end brand.

    So.... do you think their clothes, bags, jewelry, accessories are worth getting?

    Or are they SOOO 5 years ago?

    Do you think they will have staying power for a long long time?
  2. IMHO juicy is BEYOND TACKY!!! a huge YUCHH!! no matter what the year!!!
  3. I see them as tacky AND trendy. To me they're just a higher-cost version of all that PHAT stuff.
  4. its just become so overdone, its tacky. even theircouture couture line doesn't look right. i recently read that one of the designers sees gina coppola as a muse, and i was like "that can't be right! she's so not the type!" (look at the may harpers baazar). but it will always have its niche with as a mid-end brand that is comfortable. who knows, maybe you'll find a gem among the velour!
  5. I guess I'm not cool! LOL!
    I think they are very trendy and sometimes tacky. But they're not 'out' in this part of the country, but we're UBER casual here.
    Some of the things are super tacky IMO, and overall, it seems to be a line for younger people, but I don't think all things Juicy are passe.
  6. I like Juicy as it's a) trendy b)ever-changing c)stylish. Ot is more youth oriented, and I don't see myself carrying a Juicy when I'm 50, lol. But for now, I think it is something worth saving for, and it is pretty good quality!
  7. I couldn't agree more - it's both, really. I am very selective about anything of theirs I like. I did, however, recently buy their plaid bowler handbag from eluxury - check it out: http://www.eluxury.com/sales/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=11186621&SectionID=
    I liked it b/c it didn't scream "I'M JUICY!!!" lol
    Quite frankly, I'm 33, with 2 kids - I'm a little beyond fuzzy pompoms and princess crowns!
  8. I admit I still love a lot of things Juicy Couture sells.. although I tend to stick with the less flashy items like white tank tops and dresses :heart: love the quality!
  9. JUICY is aimed to pre teens to mid 30's. Some stuff is targeted to older women,and some stuff is targeted to pre teens. The velour bowler that screams JUICY on it is for pre teens,the leather bags are for adult women. IMO juicy is for teenagers. Its trendy,if your an adult,and want trendy clothing go to anthropology.
    I love Juicy,and it fits my personality. I live in their hoodies,and tee's. Another brand I love that is similiar to Juicy is Joie!,it has the JUICY spunk,but it isnt in your face..
  10. If you like Juicy bags, then you should purchase one. Some of them look cute, but I don't know if I would pay the price for them.
    The bags are much better than some of the clothing that I see. Some of the clothing is terrible :yucky:
  11. I think some of them are adorable. If only I was 20 years younger :sad:
  12. I love Juicy stuff! I have so much Juicy clothes and bags. But then again, I'm 21. I know I won't be wearing Juicy when I'm, 30. Or probably even 25.
  13. My daughter likes some things Juicy but she doesn't really shop for trends, only buys what she loves. We can find something nice in just about any line.
  14. I guess I am just sick of threads like this. If you like it, wear it and use it. But don't bash someone else's taste. I like bags from all styles and price ranges. I like Juicy, I like D&B, I like Coach. I like Gucci and LV. Again it depends on my mood.
  15. Amen! I totally agree with you! I hate threads like this!