Juicy Couture Outlet?

  1. I'm heading off to Rhode Island soon and want to make a stop at the Wrentham Village outlet center in MA...I was sooo excited when I saw they have a Juicy Couture Outlet!!! :yahoo:

    Does anyone know how deep the discounts are and what type of items are sold there? I'm particularly interested in their velour/fleece/terry zip-ups.

    Also, do the Saks and Barney's outlets still sell Juicy? I heard they were discontinuing sale of JC at these outlets..not sure...

    TIA! :smile:
  2. I went to JC outlet in California last year. I was disappointed because the price weren't any cheaper.
  3. ^^ Aw, that's disappointing! When I went to the Barney's NY outlet last year, the Juicy's were all 50% off or more...too bad I wasn't into the whole Juicy thing then...still regret it!!!
  4. yeah i went to the one in Fl. The discounts were like 15% or so. If you want Juicy discounts check out the end of season department store sales. I saw Juicy tops for under $40 at neiman's pre sale yesterday!
  5. Yeah, I haven't heard good things about their outlets. Prices are usually only slashed 20% off, which is what you can find online with a discount code...and you have top pickings online!

    I was at the Saks Outlet (Off Fifth) in February in Las Vegas and they still had Juicy Couture then. I LOVE the Saks Outlet at the Block in Orange County, they had a much better selection of Juicy than the one in Las Vegas.

    I would also check end-of-season sales at Department Stores. Keep your eyes peeled during the next couple of months since they should be getting their new fall stuff in.
  6. ^That sounds good!! Especially with the Nordy's Anniversary sale coming up I bet there are going to be a lot of good deals there...

    I'm still gonna drop by the outlet...but with lower expectations... :push:

    Thanks for all the responses so far!
  7. I think some of the items may be "made for the outlets" because when I went to the juicy outlet in Woodbury, there were things I had never seen before.
  8. I've been to the JC Outlet in Wrentham and I was severely disappointed :sad: Their hoodies and pants were $60 and $70 (not that huge of a discount from ~$88 and their T-shirts were around $35 to $40. Occasionally, they will have a special, like extra 25% off all ____. They didn't even have a sale or clearance section where things were marked down further. I went to Off Fifth instead and found a velour hoodie there for $35 :biggrin:
  9. If you wait, shopbop usually has a huge sale 2x a year and the juicy stuff goes on sale from $25-50. it's worth it to wait it out!

    saks off 5th has good stuff sometimes too, and they always have coupons out for 25% off, sometimes 30% off
  10. I love Juicy, wish there was an outlet near me.
  11. DarlinAnna: $60 isnt bad for a Juicy hoodie!! I got my fleece one on the Nordstrom sale rack for $65+ Although I'm not feeling $35-$40 just for a t-shirt. And lucky you for finding such a good bargain!!

    Thanks loserxstar for the tip! I love shopbop.

    LVobsessed15: Ah, yeah I do too...that's why I'm now super excited to go on vacation to RI - for the shopping!! And they're tax free too!! :yahoo::nuts:
  12. Yup, exactly, there's one in the Carlsbad outlet here. I bought a cherry charm (regular price, $35 "sale price", $29) and some black velour pants (regular price $90, "sale price" $86). I think it had to do with the place it was at being a "premium outlet" or something, meaning the stores are better.
    Anyway more than anything, it reminded me of a less pink version of the JC store in Caesar's Palace. It was arranged similarly too.
  13. ^^ Wow, the sale price was only $4 cheaper??? Normally I think of outlets being at least 30 to 40% off if not more!
  14. Lol yeah pretty much. I was looking at all the cashmere sweaters too, which were normally about $220, only down to $199. Not enough of a savings to make me buy one.
  15. C-21 in NYC frequently has good discounts on Juicy.

    Also, bloomingdales.com has a small assortment right now in their sale section and you can use code JULY4 through July 9th to save an additional 40% off the sale price.