Juicy Couture Outlet in Seattle?

  1. i heard on a website stylespy.com that a juicy outlet opened beginning of oct??? anybody know if its true??? i googled it and nothing came out... :confused1: i'd definitely want to make that detour the next time i make a trip there...!!! :nuts:
  2. YES! It's true! Seattle Premium Outlets in Tulalip (about thirty minutes north of Seattle near that huge casino) just got a Juicy Couture outlet! It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm hoping to head up there this weekend to buy myself some presents so I'll let you know if it's worth the drive.

    PS: They're also building a Neiman Marcus in Bellevue! But it won't be open until March of 2009 :sad:.
  3. NICE NICE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks lily!!!!!! :nuts: that was one of my stops in seattle anyways!
  4. I've went to a JC outlet on Long Island in August that was part of a Tanger Outlet Mall. Be careful, I didn't think that their prices were any better than you would find if you shopped the sales at NM or other retail stores that sell JC.
  5. very true. i checked out the juicy outlet in cabazon premium outlets here in california and the prices were not too much lower at all. i think most things were only about 10-15% off max except for a few out of season things that didn't sell.
    the velour sets were about 10% only and when Nm and Saks have crazy sales, you can find things for 30-40% off. it's worth checking out if you are there anyway though. let us know the prices if you can!! thanks!
  6. By the way, Jimmy Choo will be opening a shop in the same complex as the new NM in Bellevue in 2009.

    And, there is a very fun new purse store called "Clutch" in the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Seattle. Anna Corinna, HH, Linea Pella, Rebecca Minkoff, etc.
  7. Stopped by the outlet store this past weekend and alas, I was pretty disappointed with the prices. Sweatsuits were about $69 a piece, long sleeved tops about $50, and puffy coats about $210. While they had quite a big selection, a majority of what was available were styles/colors from a few seasons ago and they had a lot of ugly made-for-outlet items, which made me sad. Also I noticed that they had "marked down" some fleece dresses to $144 when I had bought the exact same dress in Las Vegas in February for $128 retail!! It made me wary about how many other items they "marked down" like that.

    However, I've shopped in Vancouver enough to know (love Aritizia and Off the Wall) that the mark-up over there is insanely high, so I think you'd probably be able to get a lot of good deals like the tons of other Canadians there. Especially right now since the CAD and USD are almost equal!
  8. I'm from Canada (HIGH MARKUPS!!) and I'm heading down to Seattle tomorrow... is stopping at the Juicy outlet worth it?
  9. ^The juicy outlet doesn't have great sales on sweatsuits, at least I've never seen any. You should check out NM, they have great prices now.
  10. Guess I have until March 2009 to continue shopping at Neiman Marcus.
    I currently really enjoy ordering stuff from them tax free. :biggrin:
  11. Chicago Premium Outlet in Aurora, IL will have one in February of this year (if I remember right..). It's on their website listed under the store directory.
  12. Juicy outlets are not worth it, I ventured into one today with high hopes, unfortunitly they have slim selection and high prices. Bags seemed to be around $40 and sweatsuits were not at a low cost.
    It is much more worth it to shop at a department store;;; Neiman, Saks, Nordstrom, and Von Maur always have Juicy at a low cost.
    OR go to one of the dept. store outlets (Off 5th, Neiman Last Call, Nordstrom Rack)
  13. Thanks everyone for all the great advice!! Nordstrom Rack is now definately on the list of places to go tomorrow :smile: Thanks !!!
  14. I love that outlet in Aurora!!!:p:p:p:p
  15. I wish they would get more department store type things (Off 5th, Last Call) because there is just one Nordies Rack in Illinois --- which I find outrageous! And it would be amazing to get some of the Orlando-ish stores, like Burberry, Furla, Ect. You know? The midwest has nothing.