Juicy Couture OR Coach...

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  1. Ok I have decided NOT to buy a fake chloe paddington :love:

    Instead I'm going to spend my money on either a JC or Coach bag. (Thats all I can afford) I love both of these bags, and will look great in spring/summer!

    What do you guys think? :idea:


  2. They're both cute...but, my vote goes to the coach bag!
  3. Yes its dead cute.. Think i'll do a poll for this!
  4. I like the Coach. I'm in the Midwest, and yes, COACH IS KING. But while I'm tired of Coach for that reason, I think it's a better bag. I don't like the Juicy too much unless you're very young!
  5. Definately the Coach. I just love the pastel colours; much better than the 2005 scribble colours
  6. Hands down- COACH!!!

    Recently bought the scribble tote and love it!!
  7. I think Coach is the better of the two bags. Let us know what you ultimately decide to do!
  8. wow so many people prefer the coach. Have you all voted in the poll. onyl 1 person has choosen the JC!