Juicy Couture Obsession

  1. Besides having a purse problem; I am hooked on Juicy charms. Anyone else here have this issue? What charms do you have and who is an okay seller on ebay?:flowers:
  2. I love juicy charms too...
    Don't have many at the moment, only 2 but I want more... I'd love to have the ballet shoes and the palm tree. I have been checking these 2 sellers: houseofjuicy and pattutoo but haven't really purchased from either. How many charms have you got and do you use it on bags or wallets?
  3. I wear them on the starter bracelet. I have the lookbook, milkshake, horseshoe, horn locket from (orangeme), heart stone charm in raspberry.

    I really want the cute ghost! So many that are discontinued that I also want. :love: Very very addictive I think:rolleyes:
  4. I was browsing online at neiman's and Nordstrom's the other day and saw the Juicy charms and charm bracelets.. they're totally cute! I love them!
  5. Sparkles-
    I go to Adasa.com also where they give you discounts on the charms and ship quickly. They really are quite cute and a lot of fun! Hard to say NO.
  6. you know I bought the bracelet to get the charms for b/c I loved the palm tree. And now I think it would be too much and never bought any of the charms and just wear the bracelet. It's just enuf bling for me :smile: Just got their crown post earrings, :heart:3 them!! I might get the palm tree charm though to hang off my bag or something, it's just too cute!!

    Nordstrom Rack in woodbridge VA had a couple of the charms on sale in case anyone lives in this area/wants them :smile: Don't know if they can ship to you if you call, but, they had the ghost charm there :smile:
  7. Does anybody own any of Juicy's other jewelry? How is the quality?
  8. My Juicy necklace with the key broke within hours so I had to exchange it at Nordstrom.....they have tons of charms there.
  9. Ooh I just went to Adasa and they have some really great stuff!! Thanks for the tip! :flowers:
  10. I LOVE those charms too! As far as other Juicy jewelry, I have a couple necklaces: one with the large heart at the bottom with a few mixed chains hanging down and a front safety pin closure, a choker with a row of hearts (from Shopbop.com). plus a charm bracelet (charms already on, their cool mixed chains) and a couple pairs of earrings (small crowns, small horseshoes and small hearts).

    The quality is great - the necklaces are amazing, love the heft and I ALWAYS get compliments. They really jazz up an outfit, like if I'm wearing something really understated to work with a few standout Juicy pieces I feel more like "me". If you keep necklaces in the boxes they come in rather than just throwing them loose in a bigger jewelry box they won't get tangled up.

    One exception: one of the backs of my earrings (small crowns) lost its rubbery center which holds the post in place. Not the end of the world because it's a small earring anyway, but kinda annoying!
  11. I have the crown posts and love them!!! I wear them constantly! And, they're small and understaded, they go with anything :smile:

    Also have their charm bracelet. It can be a bit bulky, but, I love it :smile: Nothing else yet. Nothing that strikes my fancy :smile:
  12. I have a lot of JC charms and they really are quite fun! Orangeme has some really cute discontinued items as well. I agree it is a bit bulky but can really dress up an outfit! I wear one of my charms on a necklace- If I am allowed to post the names of great ebay sellers here for JC charms just give me the green light!
  13. This site is SO addictive. I have the strawberry charm, the starter bracelet and juicy earrings (2 pairs)....Please tell me you guys aren't teenagers. I have to get a wrap-around leather bracelet for my strawberry charm, though.
  14. You're in good company :lol: . I love juicy charms too and yes, it can be addicting. I have purchased quite a bit lately but I buy ones that have some significance (i.e. hot cocoa=my kids favorite drink, etc.). I also intend to hang it on some of my handbags.
  15. :yahoo: Nope, not a teenager:wlae: