Juicy Couture Michelle bag

  1. I've been looking at this bag for a while now and can't decide if I should go for it or not. I love Juicy and the one I have now is leather, but this one is terrycloth; I don't think I'd mind it being terry or anything, though.

    I've been asking people's opinions and some like this bag, some don't. What do you all think?


  2. I think it's adorable, but I'd be afraid of getting it dirty. I really love the flower appliques, it would make a great spring/summer bag.
  3. It's so cute and victorian-like with the roses and that strings bundle.
  4. I fricken LOVE that bag. I have been wanting it for awhile. Although I want to see it in person first. Not likely that will ever happen as that particular bag has been flying off the shelves. Get it if you can find it!
  5. I was looking at this same bag tonight at Von Maur. Except the one I looked at was brown, not cream.
  6. yeah it come's in two shades. Also it comes in the daydreamer style, that's cute too.
  7. Yep. They had the daydreamer there too!
  8. I know, I was just there tonight too and saw both colors, haha. I think I'm going to get this. I love it. Thank you, everyone, for your positive opinions!
  9. I prefer it in the leather. I used to have a Juicy terry purse and the material was very uncomfortable in the summer. On hot days, the contact of the terry on skin (since I wore sleeveless shirts) made it very hot and sticky.
  10. If you love it, then you should get it. I'm going to think about it tomorrow and probably decide on Monday if I'm going to get it. Of course, this would be after I call my insurance co about my poor hail damaged car!:sad2:
  11. I have that design in the daydreamer, and I LOVE IT! As for keeping it clean, I just scotchgaurded it the moment I got it, and I have used it many many times for work, school, and play and NO STAINS! It's great for summer too!
  12. I ABSOLUTELY love this juicy bag...I was considering this bag when looking around and it would be perfect for spring/summer or whenever. I would just make sure to spray a fabric protectant like scotchgarde of shining monkey...if you do get please make sure to post pics, I love this bag in both colors!!
  13. That bag has great character and charm for spring/summer. I say buy it because it looks very unique.
  14. Someone posted this bad when they got it a while back. I think it's cute, especially for summer.
  15. I don't like drawstring bags very much, but this is really nice, esp the embroidered flowers on it.