Juicy Couture lip gloss bracelet?

  1. This isn't my style but I got one gratis and was wondering what type of girl would wear something like this? Trying to figure out who, if any, of my friends I would give it to.... It seems more like a sorority girl type look (nothing wrong with that, but that's not whom I am). Opinions?



    Product details:
    Juicy Couture Double Heart Lip Gloss Bracelet
    Chunky link bracelet in lustrous sterling silver features two hearts containing lightly scented signature lip gloss.
    • Push-lock closure.
    • Approx. length: 8".
    • Approx. charm dimensions: 2 1/4"W x 1 1/4"H.
    • 14k gold- or sterling-silver-plated brass.
    • By Juicy Couture; imported.
    More pictures at: Juicy Couture Double Heart Lip Gloss Bracelet - - Nordstrom.com
  2. Maybe you can hang it on a bag or something? It's really cute.
  3. Yeah as Lvbabydoll said.
    it'd look really cute on a bag :yes:
  4. I think it's really cute. Lvbabydoll's idea of hanging it on a bag is great.
  5. i love it! its like the dior bracelet and i wear that as a bracelet sometimes!
    dont think you can get juicy makeup over here though :sad: Might have to eBay for one :smile:
  6. i think the juicy lip gloss bracelets are so cute. I'd never use the lipgloss though.