Juicy Couture jewelry?

  1. Hi, I was wondering what your thoughts on Juicy Couture jewelry are.

    I just got some bracelets for free (no, they were not presents from other people, they were just given to me randomly). They are totally not my style or any of my friends' style.

    I'm wondering what your impression of them are. What age range? What lifestyle? Etc.?

    I can't figure out what to do with them. They are all new, unused. Should I donate them to someone? I'm so confused! I don't want to have them go to waste.


    Search Results - Nordstrom.com

    Basically, this bracelet, which has two lip balms inside:
    Juicy Couture Double Heart Lip Gloss Bracelet - - Nordstrom.com

  2. i love it! sell it on eBay or something :smile:
  3. I like some of their charms. I don't know about the bracelets and necklaces. I would try to sell on eBay.
  4. i like their charm bracelet and hoop earring.. but somebody told me mostly high school girls wear their jewerly... make me feel old...
  5. I really like alot of their stuff. I'm 44 and I wear the charm bracelet! Its fun jewelry and pretty durable for costume stuff.
    Here is my bracelet:


    If its not your style, why not give it as a gift?
  6. I have the charm bracelet and necklace. I wear them both "on occassion", but they are yellow gold and I'm a silver or white gold kind of girl. If you won't wear them at all then I would just sell them.

  7. That's the problem, my sisters and none of my friends like them....

    I don't really want to sell on eBay. Seems like too much hassle.

    I wonder if a program like Cinderella Project would take them.... Good for prom? I wish I knew some high school or younger college girls....
  8. Honestly, I don't like it. Normally, I buy Chanel and LV costume jewellries and I think the quality and design is much more better (although the price is nearly triple)
  9. hmmmm. maybe your friends or sisters would know someone?
  10. The bracelet is very cute!,I almost got it the other day.Maybe donate it to a thrift shop which donates its profits to aids research?. I know a couple in Manhatten which maybe you can send it in to?
  11. I was once a big juicy fan...and now I'm so over it...it seems too common...but I still find a couple of things that are a must have!!!
  12. I own a few charms and earrings. I just love it.
  13. I love Juicy. I think the age range is quite wide especially with their recent collection. It's a little "older" then the usual towel material purses! I have Juicy earrings, necklace, Diaper Bag, and wristlet. My mom thinks it's gaudy-but I love it!
  14. that's a nice bracelet. how nice of you to have come across something free. don't we all love free things? well not so much if you get them too often ;). maybe you could sell it on e-bay. i think there are lots of potential buyers. that bracelet is actually pretty gosh darn cute. i mean, you should check out the average prices of the juicy jewelry on e-bay and then set your price or you could just start at 0 dollars. have you seen some of their watches? they're pretty cute.
  15. that's a really cute bracelet.....if u don't really like it then maybe ebay's the answer :smile: