Juicy Couture Jewelry Box. Show off your juicy jewels!

  1. SuperStar, is there any chance you could possibly take a pic of the barcodes on those sweet box sets? I'm seaching eBay for the white box, I have the pink candy box and want to compare (I'm 99.9999% sure it's legit, I just want to double check)? Pretty Please?
    And also if anyone here has the pink sweet box with the gold studs could you post a pic of that barcode too (again just to compare to mine)? It would be much appreciated :angel:

    Cedes, sorry about the bangle disappointment - maybe Juicy should hire you as a designer, cuz you'd have done a better job. Also I'm loving you blog :biggrin:
    Tuptake & Sweetwon, love the charm catchers and the luxe bacelet (all on my wishlist!!)

    I have the Candy sweet box w/white heart necklace, the pink heart sweet box/w gold heart studs and the white cupcake box w/cupcake studs is on it's way to me :biggrin: I'll definitely put up some photos when I get the time :smile:
    Peace all :heart:
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  3. Got a Juicy ring at the outlets about a month ago!


  4. Very cute ring! The outlet can have some really cute jewelry and great prices sometimes.
  5. nice
  6. I am hoping to find JC anchor stud earrings.
    Any suggestions?