Juicy Couture It Girl Frame Bag

  1. Hey

    Seen as though no one talks about Juicy Couture on this board, i was wondering if anyone had the New Juicy Couture It Girl bag :yes:

    If so can anyone post some pics :P :biggrin:
  2. [​IMG]

    did you mean this bag? I saw it IRL at Nordstrom and my mom thought it was extremely heavy...the price is ridiculous for Juicy...I think it looks great in the picture but I wouldn't buy it
  3. Yup, that's the It Girl Frame Bag. =)
    I like its gathered body & the 2 front flap pockets (cute), but I really dislike the logo plate (just too big).

    I like some Juicy bags including Quilted Bolwer in White, Betsy (nice leather), Leather Tote in White (featured in Nordstrom mailing), ...

  4. Gosh, that's such a nice bag! Is it really heavy though?
  5. I didnt find it to be that heavy when i saw the black one in a store. I cant seem to find the cream one anywhere though.
  6. i like that bag. i hope it's not that heavy.
  7. Which one do you like? the black one?
  8. I only saw it in black on the Nordstrom web site.
    Hmmm...LOVE the kisslock closure but seems mega $$ for Juicy. (But I have two really small ones I got on sale so I guess I should keep that in mind!)
  9. I love frame bags, but not this one, so much.
  10. The bag would be cute if it wasn't for the nameplate ostentiously displayed on the front.
  11. Thats my fav thing about it lol
  12. It's very flashy. I actually like it a lot. I'd get it if it weren't so obviously Juicy Couture though.
  13. it looks SOOOOO heavy ...
  14. I love IT!!