Juicy Couture It Girl Bag-Please Help Me Make Up My Mind

  1. Hey everyone,

    I still cant make up my mind about the Juicy Couture It Girl Bag, Whether you like it or not could anyone give me there opinion on which colour to go for.
    As i really dont see the point in having both.

    My minds saying i should go for the black but i really like the cream also. Grrrrrrrrrrr way to many to choose from.

    Anyway do i go for cream or black????

    Thanks alot :biggrin:
    JuicyCouture.JPG JUICY COUTURE PUNK.JPG Juicy.JPG juicy_frame_001.JPG JuicyCoutureBag.JPG
  2. Beautiful bag! BUT SO dang heavy! Did you try your stuff in it? I would do this first then make up your mind about color!
  3. Yes i have, i didnt find it that heavy to be honest, now the paddingtons heavy.

    Im really not sure what colour to go for.
  4. unless you need a black bag, I'd def get cream. gorgeous! show us pictures!
  5. I like the black better than the cream.
  6. Cream!
  7. black!
  8. The cream is nice although u have to be really careful while using it. So if that frustrates you then it's better to go for the black.
  9. i say CREAM!
  10. Yeah i guess the cream would get filthy, i might go with black. i dont know though lol.
  11. Either black or cream look great, but my vote is for the black.
  12. the cream is sooo pretty!! The black is more rocker punk with the metal if that is wat u like go for it. But i love the white!
  13. The black fits the look of the bag better than the cream. I think the black just looks better with all the hardware.
  14. cream here:flowers:
    i see it better in cream!