Juicy Couture Holiday Charm Bracelet and Other Charms over 1/2 off at NM

  1. I just bought this last night. I thought it was pretty cute and you cant beat the price. It is over 1/2 off at $68.40! :yes:


    They also had some charms on sale too that I picked up, like this padlock locket that was only $23.40! It is still selling full price at eluxury and Saks! :yahoo:



  2. i love these charms
  3. I bought the juicy silver hoop earrings for only $26 ! great deals
  4. Thats a great deal. I have a juicy charm bracelet, but no charms yet.
  5. Great deal!!! i got a necklace for 21, charm bracelet for 46 and earings for 22 :smile:
  6. Thanks for reminding me finzup. I had the silver ones in my cart since the other day and when I saw your post I went to check and they were gone. So I ordered the gold ones right away. They are too cute to pass up even in gold. Enjoy yours.
  7. good deals ladies!
  8. Yay I got that adorable padlock charm - thanks for posting!
  9. thank you! got the padlock charm i've been wanting :smile:
  10. ahh this is so great but bad for my wallet...thanks for posting! time to shop~!