Juicy Couture FAKES?

  1. I sell a lot of JC charms and never once thought that there are fakes out there????? I know that all of mine are 100% authentic, but what do I need to do to protect myself and others from this fruad... Are there any dead giveaways? I have seen a lot of "inspired" and such- TIA everyone:heart:
  2. omg...i never knew there were fake juicy charms. I guess they fake everything! ewww...
  3. Hm, I don't know how to say this.
    I knew people who sell juicy here. They claimed it's the same order that juicy ordered from the factory. And they managed to get something extra.
    I dno't know if that could happen. Since I am not too sure about the authenticity, so I never purcased any.
    But, now, I am just curious to know is there anyway to auenticate this>?
  4. Pink what is worrying you? Have you seen fakes before? If so post the link so we can all be educated....this is scary!
  5. HI Selena,

    No, I don't know where to find these so called fakes. I have sold many (my business) to clients who then turn around and want reassurance what they are getting is authentic. I have sent them to several high end department stores for further verification -authenticity. Never had a problem. I have heard via eBay that people are now saying that they are making knock off JC charms. I have yet to come across any. Was hoping that someone would be able to shed more light on this to protect us all, if in fact this is true. I do see the JC inspired in auctions but that is about it. I will keep everyone posted if I find more concrete material!:flowers:
  6. I know there is a store by my moms office that sells fake juicy charm bracelets, not sure about the charms though.
  7. Some of the ones on eBay say they're "made to fit" a Juicy bracelet and have them copied really closely. They have a lot of strawberry ones usually and ones like these:
  8. i prefer real juicy couture charms i would never buy a fake of anything those charms look so cheap
  9. OMG This is so disturbing!!

    Thanks for the pics, LV baby doll :smile:
  10. You're welcome!
  11. eww... I hate fakes.
  12. I think the clasp is the giveaway. The fake has the "tab" sticking out at the clasp whereas the JC one is smooth - which is what I prefer anyway.
  13. thanks for those reference pics, very helpful!
  14. Lol you're welcome Cindy! I obviously have too much time on my hands. :lol: