Juicy Couture dustbag?

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  1. Hi everyone! :yahoo:

    i recently purchased the daydreamer tote in black from revolveclothing *will post pics soon! :nuts:*

    it arrived today!!! :party:

    but... it didn't come with a dustbag.... are juicy bags suppose to come with dustbags? :confused1: not sure... this one's my first!

    TIA everyone!! :flowers:
  2. Yes, Juicy dustcovers are adorable......soft pink bags with large leather heart pulls....you really should ask for it!
  3. ^^ Agreed! :tup:
    They're sooo cute!
  4. They also come in blue too. Very nice and soft.
  5. :cursing: and i didn't get one?!?! gggggrrr.... time to email cust serv!
  6. Do they only come with certain bags? Because I ordered a green bowler from Elux several months ago and mine didn't come with one. :wondering
  7. I thought they only came with leather bags but I could be wrong.
  8. ^^ I'm pretty sure they come with all bags...I went to Nordstrom and they were stuffed inside all the bags...
  9. I have purchased quite a few Juicy bags for my daughter and some do, some don't. Never quite understood. However, they are the cutest dustbags.
  10. hm... mine's the daydreamer in velour..:shrugs:
  11. Some of them don't come with dustbags. One of mine did and the other one didn't. I don't know about the one we just returned. Maybe you should contact them.
  12. i don't think daydreamers ever came with dustbags, although they should...they can get mighty filthy.

    my little sister has two baby fluffies and both came with dustbags. one is from nord's and the other from Saks.
  13. Yeah i think only some purses come with dustbags. I purchased a daydreamer from a juicy couture store and a bowler and both didn't come with dust bags. They said that only their leather purses did. If you buy from Nordstroms, saks, or Neiman Marcus then it might be different.
  14. i think all juicy bags do come with dust bags, i have two leather ones and one terry one. my terry bowler came with a pink dust bag, but when i bought the leather hobo from bloomies, it didn't have one and my nice SA found a dustbag from another juicy purse and gave it to me, it was baby blue and soo adorable.

    i think sometimes they don't come with it but you should ask for one, usually they would give it to you. (as in person at department stores.)
  15. Only the leather bags come with dust bags. The velour and terry ones don't come with dust bags.:yes: