Juicy Couture dog clothes: where to buy?

  1. Hi everyone! I usually am in Montreal (thats where I live) but im on vacation in Boca Raton right now and I was wondering if anyone knew of stores in the US where I could buy little t-shirts and stuff for dogs by Juicy Couture, because noone carries them in MTL. TIA :smile:
  2. oh i love juicy dog clothes. I get my at Nieman Marcus, Nordstroms and some Macys carry it as well.
  3. Nordstrom usually carries this stuff (most tees and parkas)
  4. I keep telling Holt's they should carry dog stuff!!! They have a human baby section--where is the dog section??? :nuts:
  5. there is a website that sells juicy clothes/carriers/leashes.
    I am not sure if they ship to canada or not, hope this helps a little.
  6. Glomourdog, in Dallas. TX. They even have a web site
  7. also try pawpalace.com or pampered pup.com
  8. Dog sweaters made in Montreal!



    Cute dog sweater from kathy507(who will ship internationally)



    She makes lots of these sweaters.

    doggieideas - sweatshirt (she'll ship to Canada as well):



    If you're interested, nicanmardee in BC, Canada can knit a doggie sweater for your dog like this one:


  9. I just got an email from pamperedpup.com and they are having a 50% off sale on select item. I am not sure what is on sale. You might want to check it out.
  10. omg ITA!!!
  11. Hey fellow Canadienne! You should come to Vancouver! We rule the dog-clothing/dog spa market! We have a great store called Barking Babies that sells Juicy dog clothes and Juicy carriers.