juicy couture..do you match your tracksuits?

  1. i dont frequent this forum alot so please forgive me if this is a repeat!!

    do you
    a) match
    b) only wear the pants
    c) only wear the jacket
    d) mix different colours
    e) depends?
  2. i only like the pants. the zip tops never really fit across my chest. if i could wear the zip tops, i don't think i'd wear them as a set though...too matchy matchy.
  3. I only wear the jackets when I go out. I can't do the tracksuit thing unless I'm lounging around somewhere
  4. I ordered a tracksuit from Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago. After it came, I decided that I didn't want to be too matchy matchy, so I returned the pants and kept the hoodie, which is so comfortable.

    I go with c :supacool:
  5. I wear it together because it is a "tracksuit" lol and I wear the top with jeans to school frequently. I wear the bottoms with a t-shirt as well. But I don't mix and match the tops and bottoms. I have so many of these juicy tracksuits. I mostly use them for school or to run errands or to lounge around the house. For me there is nothing better.
  6. I would never mix top and bottom, and I've never seen anyone do that (thank gawd!). I break up the set sometimes, though. Most often to wear the pants with a non-jacket top but sometimes I'll wear the jackets with yoga pants for the gym.
  7. yeah see i dont understand the mixing and matching either, ive seen a black pants with the red jacket, adn then green pants with blue jacket and then in terry white pants with a green jacket. im only dipping my toes here, and wanted to pick up some juicys for comfort, so thanks for your feedback!
  8. I almost always buy a set (unless I really like either the top or bottom and the other isn't available in my size)... but I rarely wear them matching. I often wear the pants w/ a t-shirt... or the hoodie with jeans.
  9. i wear mine together, i have this thing about everything matching, plus i think they look better together as they are meant to be worn together.
  10. I like the matching look!
  11. I haven't bought any new Juicy in a couple of years since I wear another yoga brand now, but for the 2 sets I have, I either wear them together as a set, or I'll separate the pieces and wear the hoodie with jeans, or the pants with a tank/t-shirt for errands and lounging.
  12. I only now wear the hoodies with jeans. I wear the sweats for errands & gym class
  13. i wear them together
  14. i only wear the pants. i have a few of the hoodies but i don't find them that comfortable, they even strain across my chest slightly and i'm a 34A ffs, i'd rather throw on a nice baggy cashmere sweater :lol:
  15. I only have the hoodies from the tracksuits...only bottoms so far are some white terry shorts which go great with any of the hoodies :yes: .

    I look silly in things that are too matchy matchy unless it's a dark brown or black.
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