Juicy Couture Daydreamer..?

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  1. HeLLooo all....!! :yahoo:

    Need help in deciding on a new bag... need something to low maintenance and relatively inexpensive to lug around everything while i'm doing errands, something that would be versatile from summer to winter, so i thought this might be a good candidate. i havent' really decided on it yet.. so i would love everyone's honest opinion!


    my personal style isn't really girly... that's why i was wondering a bit about this bag :yes:.

    Also, to all canadians out there, if i order from revolve clothing, and have them ship to me in vancouver, am i going to get charged customs? :push:

    THANKS EVERYONE!!! :okay:

    p.s anyone with modeling pics????
  2. Use coupon code style07 for 20% off or JT for 15% off. I use Revolveclothing and have items shipped to me in the UK, they tend to mark the item as a gift with a lower value so i don't get charged customs tax. They're my favourite online store! :heart:

    The bag is lovely. I find the Bulga is very versatile and takes me through summer->winter and day->evening.
  3. I think the black makes it not overly "girly" but the rich embroidary makes it classy. (I'm the same way in terms of style about "girly"ness)
  4. This bag is one of the very few Juicy bags that look stylish, usually their bags are a bit over the top.

    Definitely go for it!
  5. It's cute....go for it!
  6. Oh yeah it is really cute. I love the purses with the silk scarves that are threaded through and you will be able to throw lots in there! I say go for it!! :smile:
  7. I've been eyeing that bag too! I say get it, it's the perfect sized tote and fits comfortable under your arm :smile:
  8. I just bought this bag i love it its gorgeous & fun..I have all LV but i am purchasing more Juicy bags bc they are just so much...fun! i also bought the Daisy and love that too..

  9. i KNOW what u mean... :push:

    thanks for the quick replies so far ladies...!!!! :flowers:

    but do you think(with all that detailing and stuff) would it be able to be versatile with clothing?