Juicy Couture Charms?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find older Juicy charms? I'm looking for the pave strawberry that looks like this

    It seems to be sold out in retail stores and I really don't want to buy it on eBay. Any help would be awesome!! TIA
  2. try revolve they have older charms on there at the mo
  3. Thanks for the tip. They do seem to have older stuff but no luck. My search will continue.
  4. Maybe check shirleyandcompany.com every now and then. She is really nice and TPFers get 20% off purchases. Not sure if she only sells the newer ones only, but its worth a shot.
  5. Have you called a Juicy store?
  6. I called like 8 juicy stores :shame: I think I'm going to have to resort to eBay if I really really want it :push:
  7. the chocolate covered one? try bloomingdales san francisco!
  8. You could also try calling the outlet ? A lot of times they have really cute charms there and they are marked down !
  9. do you mind saying where the outlet is? thanks!
  10. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Unfortunately I've tried all of them with no luck. Bloomies in San Fran told me they haven't seen it yet but I know it's old so she must have missed it. The outlets also told me they didn't have it. I wonder where they all went. :confused1:
  11. Anyone know if there's a juicy outlet in the Bay Area? :confused1:
  12. ^ I think the closet one is Palm Springs! :sad: