Juicy Couture charms

  1. Hi Ladies

    I graduated from high school on Monday and my Gran gave me this gold charm bracelet.

    My grandpa brought it back from Libya (hence the camel) about 25ish years ago.

    My Gran said that she would also buy me a new charm to add to it. I :heart: the Juicy Couture Limited-Edition Diploma Charm but have been unable to find it on a UK based website or an international site that ships to the UK. I was wondering if any of you knew of any Juicy stockists in the UK or on the interweb?

    Laura x
    Pict0030.jpg bracelet.jpg
  2. I do'nt know the answer to your question, but I just want to say, what a beautiful bracelet :love: Congrats on your graduation, you are very lucky to have such sweet grandparents :amuse:
  3. Thank you! It was such a surprise when my Gran gave it to me :shame: I don't usually wear gold jewellery but I :heart: this, its so unusual.
  4. congrats!

    hmm doesn't ship Neiman Marcus internationally? i think i saw juicy couture jewelry there...
  5. Sorry I can't help w/your request; however, congrats on your graduation....you're blessed to have such nice grandparents. I can see why you love your gift its absolutely gorgeous! Good luck on finding the juicy couture charm.
  6. Neiman Marcus has it and they do ship internationally, just not online. give them a call
  7. www.shopepic.com has it on sale and they ship internationally. www.adasa.com might have it too. Don't forget to check if there are any available discount codes!
  8. Congrats.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I'll definately check them all out :smile:
  10. what a lovely bracelet! congratulations!
  11. So in the end I didn't get the Juicy charm :sad: But I did order two other ones and they arrived today!!!

    I now have a football charm as it is the world cup (and my BF thought it was cute :shame: ) and a shoe to represent my stunning prom shoes that will probably never get another outing :sad: Now I just need to take them down to the jewellers and get them attached to my bracelet :biggrin: Hopefully the jeweller can tell me more about the actual bracelet which would be nice.

    Thanks to everyone that posted links when I was looking for the Juicy charm, they were all very helpful.
    footiecharm.jpg shoecharm.jpg alltogether.jpg
  12. Such a pretty bracelet.
    Love the new charms!
  13. Congrats on your bracelet and charms!! LOVE Juicy jewelry...