Juicy Couture charms on your bbags?


wife, mom, bagaholic
Apr 3, 2006
This is my new obsession. I now have the baby deer (fawn) charm on my caramel purse and the gold key charm on the black purse. I have bids in on the white peagusus and handcuff charms and whichever one I get will go on my rouge vif box (which I haven't received yet.) Once I get my rouge box I will go ahead and take an updated family photo even though I won't have a new juicy charm to go on it yet.

Anyway...who has juicy charms on their bags and which ones do you have?
I don't but can you post pictures? I'd love to see the key charm! My husband's in real estate (we both love real estate) and I would love to see what it looks like!!!
I used to have the handcuffs charm... not on my bag but as jewellery and I don't recommend juicy charms, the gold plating rubs off pretty fast. I was so sad when it happened :crybaby: