juicy couture charms in Canada?

  1. anyone know where these might be available in Canada?
    can't seem find any information about the charms / jewelry collection on line.
  2. I am quite certain that I've seen them at Holt Renfrew.
  3. Have you tried Blue Ruby? They have a very nice selection.
    And Below the Belt -at some locations.
  4. I've seen them at Stone Ridge. (the shoe store)
  5. YES ! I was just going to suggest this, this seems to be the only place where I can find them. In Toronto, there are some stores in Pacific Mall that carry them, the names of them escape me right now.

    Holt Renfrew stopped carrying Juicy, the only thing Juicy that they have left is their fragrance ! :tdown:
  6. ^ Didn't know that Holt's stopped carrying their jewelry. I wonder why? Is the clothing gone as well too?
  7. haven't shopped at sporting life for a loooong time, but they used to carry a huge selection of juicy couture, wouldnt' be surprised if they still carry it.
  8. Yup.. it's all gone ! :tdown:

    I guess the buyers just didn't feel like it was worth picking up again.
  9. stone ridge, eh? never would have thought of them.
    thanks, everyone! i shall have to check this out.
  10. I've seen the Juicy charms at Sporting Life in Sherway Gardens recently.
  11. Stoneridge (Yorkdale, Eaton's), Sporting Life (Yonge/Eglinton, Sherway Gardens), JCY House (asian retailer at Pacific Mall, Vaughan Mills, Queen St.), Blue Marine Co. (Eaton Centre)
  12. i agree w/ pacific mall.
    the store upstairs beside the escalator has a good selection, and same with JCY house

    you can try sporting life too

    all other JCY house locations like queen st, vaughan mills, first markham place

    stylexchange on yonge and shuter

    there's a small store in main st unionville called "ciara's chic" and they carry it too
  13. LOL i clearly didn't read your post before i posted mine
    hahaha :roflmfao:
  14. these are great suggestions, everyone! thanks so much!
  15. The store upstairs beside the escalator is called Me 2 :flowers: