Juicy Couture carrier

  1. Does anyone here own one for their dog (or cat, etc. lol)?? How do you like it, any comments are appreciated! And I was wondering what you guys thought of this one I found it on eBay for a really good price...i think its cute :smile: TIA!
  2. I always thought they were cute...but they seem too small to me. I'm not sure how long you'd be able to use it.
  3. Wow that is really cute. I have never seen juicy carriers IRL. I have searched the internet and have found good deals on no name brands. Also petsmart sometimes has some cute carriers. i say if the price is good then go for it.
  4. Buy it from someone you can return it to! We bought that model for Einey (new boy below) who is 4lbs and it was too small for him. Went back to Nordstrom and exchanged up for a bigger one and he's not so sure about it. May have to return for refund. He is not crated so not used to being confined. Always thought it would be find to take him out with us, but he might not be interested.:shrugs:
  5. i own two juicy carriers

    this was the first one i got for CoCo.

    then she got longer so we got her this one.
  6. i think they are cute, but i dont know if they actually have enough room for the animals to move around, but thats IMO