Juicy Couture Bomber - anyone have it?? plz help

  1. Hi everyone,
    Does anybody have this jacket? I have seen it on sale and am contemplating getting it but just wanted to know if it was worth the money? Is it good quality and warm or does it bobble and fuzz quickly?
    If anyone owns this and can give me their opinions i would really appreciate it ;) xx


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  3. Where is it on sale?? I LOVE that jacket. I ordered it in an XS/P last Xmas but returned it because it didn't come with the juicy crest emblem on the chest and it just didn't look as nice without it. Unfortunately that was the only one left :crybaby:.

    So while I didn't keep it, I know that it is DEFINITELY warm and cozy and really high quality. I have a faux fur parka from Juicy and that has held up really well. Their outwear has never disappointed me. I don't know if that helps or not :p.
  4. i bought it and then let my lil sister borrow it. she's had it ever since. i love it and so does she! :heart::tup:
  5. I don't have it but do love the look of it. stores in my area sold out of this a while ago. eBay has a ton but I am scared to purchase a fake.
  6. Thanks for replying :smile:
    The jacket is on sale at netaporter x