Juicy Couture "Birkin" Style Bag Dilemma

  1. Hi ladies and Vlad I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured general discussion would get the most responses. Here is my dilemma. I have fallen in love with Hermes Birkin but I cannot afford to buy one-I've seen some that cost more than my SUV! Anyway, I was searching thru ebay and I came across a Juicy Couture bag styled like the Birkin. I'll be able to get the real thing in about 5 months but I was thinking until then would it be so wrong to buy this bag to see if I am comfortable with the style and all or is it too much like buying a knockoff? Here is a link to the auction I am watching so you can see what I mean:

  2. I think this may belong under "Hanbags and Purses".

    The bag isnt too bad btw ;)
  3. If you really like the bag, then buy it. However don't buy it as a substitute for a Birkin. There is no comparison. You'll get your Birkin in 5 months when you have the money.
  4. you're right...its just that I want it now but I may not use it or feel like a phony:shrugs:
  5. It doesn't really look like a Birkin in its shape or size, so I'm not sure how much it will help you decide. I think a knock off wouldn't be bad before making such a big purchase in a Birkin though.
  6. have you seen the bag in person? it is really big and heavy... I thought I really wanted that bag until i tried it on at the store.
  7. no I haven't seen it in person-I dont like such a heavy bag thanks for telling me that! see this is why I love this place-do you think if I called my friends and asked them they'd know any of this-nooooo, they'd say "how many bags do you need?" even my DH understands my obsession!
  8. its think it looks like the love child between a Luella and a birkin....hahahha..its cute!! really cute!
  9. I agree with elongreach on not buying it as a sub for a Birkin. :yes:

    To me, waiting five months for a bag like a Birkin seems like no time at all. I would love to be able to buy my dream bag in that amount of time! I think the time will actually go by quickly for you. :jammin:

    As for the Juicy bag...if you like it for itself, then get it. :cutesy:

    Just be sure it's the real deal. I was stunned to find out a while back that there are fake Juicy Couture bags! :shrugs:

    Oh...and you KNOW we want to hear about that Birkin when you get it!! :wlae:

    Sorry!...just had to try out some of the new smilies!!! :lol:
  10. I know aren't they cool:supacool: I was thinking:idea: that by using the JC I'd get a feel for the Birkin because of the design, but I would get :sleepy: of it quick-I need to have the real thing:hysteric:
  11. Not close to a birkin. If you like it...I say buy it. Can't vouch for the heaviness. If it makes you smile and you are happy...why not?
  12. I have this bag. I don't think it is too much like a Birkin. However, it is very large and can get heavy. I use it when I travel as a carryon.

  13. I think you should just wait until you have the money and buy the birkin. Money spent on this bag is money that could go towards your birkin. Besides, its not that much similar and I don't think tiwould give you a good feel for a birkin. Birkins come in so many different leathers and that leather on the juicy bag would not give you an accurate idea of how heavy /bulky your birkin would be when carrying it.

    P.S. Have you already ordered a birkin or are you on a waitlist or anything?
  14. I never thought of this bag as Birkin-like--get it if you like it for what it is because it is very cute, but not as a Birkin sub. it can serve a different purpose!
  15. is this the bag ya r talking bout:


    and slc what is the name of the official Juicy Couture "Birkin"???