Juicy Couture bags in retail stores.

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  1. The Juicy Couture stores that I've been to (all two of them, LOL) seem to not take their bags seriously. They spread them throughout the store, here and there, and they don't really catch the eye. I don't even think they put them all out because I'll go in sometimes and see some that I've never seen there before on clearance/sale.

    But I've noticed that Bloomingdales and some Nordstrom stores really showcase the JC bags. What a difference. The display of JC bags at the Bloomies in South Coast Plaza is very eye catching, and I had to pry myself away last week before I bought yet another bag, LOL.

    Anyone else see nice displays of the JC bags in your area? Either in the JC stores or other retailers?
  2. My Nordstroms has a great Juicy section, they are always on the corner mannequins facing the door so you see them right when you come in!

    in Bloomies they have their own section, but it is kind of far away from the other handbags.
  3. "...it is kind of far away from the other handbags."

    Anotheremptysky, is it half way between the bags and the jewelry section? I noticed that the JC bag section in one Bloomies has some of the jewelry as well as the bags and they are in the bag area, but next to the jewelry section also. They also had the JC notebooks, like to use in school, in this section.
  4. My nordstoms has more Juicy bags than any other (besides Coach of course) and there always front and center.
  5. that is just like my Bloomies!! it's sort of in its own section between the bags and jewelry
  6. The boutiques that I've been to in NYC tend to vary with how they are displayed. The one by Union Square (my fave- they are doggy friendly, they have a bowl of biscuits by the door!) has them on display right where you walk in, the one on Bleeker has them spread throughout the top floor, but they're noticeable and one display very well. The giant boutique on 52nd had them spread throughout the store, but I felt like I had to hunt for them. The sale ones I saw when I went to look at jewelery- it was to the left of the doorway, near the jewelery. I wouldn't have seen them if I wasn't over there!
  7. i've only been to a few juicy stores including the flagship in NY, but mostly the houston location. it is so dark in there! i really wanted the houston store to be amazing, but it's disappointing. it lacks the warmth and girlie feel of the flagship. i know it's a smaller store, but it still could have translated imho (tory burch stores have a consistent feel whether you're in asia or north america).
  8. Well, it's just my opinion as I don't have much to compare, but the stores here in CA seem awfully small. I was really disappointed the first time I went into a JC store. There wasn't much jewelry at all and I expected to see all the JC jewelry available at the time. Same with the bags, but they display very few.

    It sounds like the NY stores are a lot nicer. Would love to see all the bags at one time, especially the leather bags. I see a lot on ebay that I never saw at the boutiques.
  9. The retail stores with Juicy bags in Vancouver, Canada here, and there aren't too many, are usually placed up high on shelves so that they are unreachable. It sucks since for someone like me, I don't usually feel like bothering an SA to bring out the ladder and fetch it for me unless I absolutely love it.. which sadly, (or not according to the wallet), isn't very often.