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  2. Neiman Marcus has all their sale items an extra 25% off. They still have a couple JC charms (silver bowler, faceted charm, sterling silver pineapple, and the viva la juicy frame). They also have some jewelry.
    Neiman Marcus - Sale & Values
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    Code BELLA still works at SBB for 25% off!!

    Why is everything on sale after I buy it? NM has the leaf back $19 plus and extra 25% off.
  4. juicycouture.com has the fishbowl for $42 and the dog bed for I think $39. First time orderers get free shipping with code WELCOME.

  5. What's SBB?
  6. Oops I meant to post it here. Fashion island in CA has alot of charms on sale including the popcorn, lighthouse and graduations caps and they do ship. Their number is 949- 718-0593

  7. I've used this code on my last four orders straight from them so unless they fixed it you can use it over and over again (though my orders were a bit spaced out);)