Juicy Couture Bags/Clothes/Jewelry/Etc. SALES/DEALS/FINDS

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  1. post sales if/when you find out about them, and also let us know what charms/bags are available at your local outlet if you're able to keep track.

    i have found out about most additional % sales through tpf and always scored big. some of my favorite juicy jewelry i've scored at juicy outlets (during the holiday additional 40% off sale!).
  2. the outlet in Tannersville, PA had the charm special going on, buy 3 get one free...They had the pave pear, the traincase, the triangular atomizer, the hand mirror, and a couple more that I can't specifically remember...
  3. I was at the outlet in Carlsbad, CA. last week and they had some clothes and bags on sale, some up to 50% off. Not everything was on sale, but their things are usually marked down 25% - 30% to begin with anyway.

    No big sale on charms, or jewelry, but some were already marked down for clearance. Bought a couple of bracelets for about 75% off retail. If you're interested in something, be sure and ask for a price check, because they don't keep up with the clearance item price tags and the price could be less than marked.

    They had a ton of bags, both leather and velour, a few marked way down. They had fewer charms than they've had previously.

    They will tell you which charms they have over the phone and ship them to you. One flat shipping fee of $9 last time I checked. Worth it if one buys a few charms as the prices can be very good.
  4. ^^^
    i have ran into the same thing at the outlets - ask for a price check on the jewelry because sometimes they are cheaper than marked.
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    Please post all sale findings/spottings here! Remember to post the item, price/discount, location, etc.!

    This includes all Juicy Couture - Handbags, Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes, etc.!!

    You may not post your own auctions and please keep this thread chat/comment free!
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  7. Nordstrom having the Anniversary Sale on the 17th.. There are some track suit, shoes, and jewelry on sale.. try look at their catalog at Nordstrom.com

    Alderwood Nordstrom have some sterling silver charm bracelet on sale for 86 dollar.. also some charm for half off.
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    Juicy butterfly earrings, $29 shipped, RTL: $48
    at www.saksfifthavenue.com
    some reason wont let me post direct link
    SEARCH : Juicy couture butterfly earrings
    SEARCH : Petit Four Charm, @ Saks $29.90 shipped RTL: $42
  9. I figured this would be the best place to post this, since a lot of people seem to ask about discount codes:

    Use code thepurseforum for 20% off your entire order with shirley & company!